Business Intelligence Case Study

Cop26: Occupancy Monitoring

Client Situation

The COP26 summit brought parties together to accelerate action towards the goals of the Paris Agreement and the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. 

The Green Zone at COP26 was host to youth groups, civil society, academia, artists and business from across the UK and all over the world hosting events, exhibitions, cultural performances, workshops and talks.

In order to maintain the safety of visitors to the concessions area and ensure that visitors could be quickly evacuated in the event of an emergency a limit on the number of visitors allowed into the Green Zone at any one time was put into place.

Integrator Partner - ATALIAN SERVEST

Atalian Servest provide a comprehensive range of strategic facilities management services from cleaning to catering, security to technical services. 

Atalian Servest can deliver bespoke single, bundled, or integrated services. Their purpose is to appreciate and value their partners, delivering trusted sustainable solutions through responsive, passionate people. A reputation for excellence. 

Customer Needs

Active Occupancy Monitoring of the Green Zone

Alerts Generated at 90% room Capacity

Access to Data & Reports via Dashboard

The Solution: Occupancy Monitoring

Benefits to Installer

Atalian Servest provided several services to the COP26 event and this solution enabled them to provide accurate, relevant and rapidly installed occupancy monitoring data to their end user, ensuring that they met all of their end user’s requirements. 

The combination of the highly accurate IntuVision video analytics with Bi3’s Insight Management Reports (IMR) provides a flexible solution that can be rapidly deployed to meet a variety of needs and requirements. 

Business Insight 3 provided Atalian Servest with the finance option to rent the system in order to deploy a short term solution at low cost for this temporary event whilst still providing a high quality service. This reduced the financial burden whilst still allowing the end user to utilise best in class technology to meet their requirements. 

Benefits to End-User

The solution provided a number of benefits to the client including; allowing them to effectively manage the occupancy of the Green Zone, ensuring public safety was maintained throughout the event, being able to monitor attendance to key events, and giving objective data on when to release further batches of tickets for events based on the current occupancy of the venue

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