Major London ANPR Project

Route Tracking & Compliance

The Problem

When the government approves contracts for major construction in Central London, one of the concerns that rise is that construction vehicles would be causing traffic in residential areas and could cause major disruption to the local community (for example going past schools). This was particularly raised as a concern in central London but also for some more of the rural areas.

As part of this contract, our partner has agreed to make sure their construction vehicles stay on permitted routes. These routes have been agreed and their vehicles should always use these routes when arriving or leaving any of their sites. They currently do not have a way of monitoring whether this is happening and are coming under pressure from local councils to prove evidence of compliance as there have been some complaints. 

136 Cameras Across 68 Locations in Central London

The Solution:

Bi3 were asked to develop a solution, we chose to use ANPR in strategic locations which will log the vehicles at checkpoints which will confirm that they have stayed on the permitted route. These cameras would be referred to as the “green route”. We are also looking at locating ANPR cameras off the green route in order to see if these vehicles have gone off the permitted route, these cameras would be referred to as “red routes”. 

The solution will link into a logistics dashboard system and pull the database from this in order to know which vehicles are classed as part of the construction project traffic for that day/timeslot. We will then also pass information back into the logistics dashboard so that when they arrive on site the information on whether they have stayed on a permitted route is available within the system’s dashboard. This will be managed from the central CCTV control room/hub.

Technology Partner

Suilvision is a UK Based company that develops, manufactures and supplies innovative products to the security, traffic and parking markets. Suilvision has over 30 years of experience in Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) The Team at Suilvision are familiar with most applications and is able to provide first-class solutions. 

 The traffic range of products is based on ANPR and associated equipment, providing the end-user with a comprehensive turnkey solution. From hardware to software, their high definition ANPR combines performance, quality, unique technology, and usability all match with comprehensive pricing.

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