Bespoke Development Case study:
WasteWatch Cam: The Fly-tipping and Litter Detection System

The Problem

Fly-tipping is a serious issue in the UK that costs taxpayers millions of pounds each year. It involves the illegal dumping of waste on public or private land and can have a negative impact on the environment and local communities. The cost of cleaning up fly-tipping is significant, with local authorities spending over £57 million annually on removal and disposal. In addition to the financial cost, fly-tipping can also pose a risk to public health and safety, as well as harm wildlife and natural habitats. It is important that we all do our part to dispose of waste responsibly and report any instances of fly-tipping to the authorities.

Collaborating with partners to solve the problem

Kingdom Local Authority Support and Kingdom systems came to Bi3, looking to develop a new solution that can be utalised by local councils to help reduce fly-tipping and littering in local communities. Bi3 and Kingdom collaborated on the development of Wastewatch Cam, a fly-tipping and litter-detection solution, to combat this problem. 

Local Councils have traditionally deployed officers/patrols in order to common areas for fly-tipping however, this is of limited effectiveness due to the limited time officers can spend at each site. The new solution needed to reduce the need for officer deployment and deliver a structured method to prevent fly-tipping in the area. 

Solution Requirements

1. Cost-effective Solution

2. 24/7 Monitoring 

3. Reliable Detection of fly-tipping incidents

4. Distinguish between lawful use of the recycling facilities present in the fly-tipping area. 

5. Minimal false alarms triggered by local wildlife. dogs, foxes, cats and others small animals. 

Bi3 worked closely with Kingdom via our Prince 2 project management methodology, this ensured that the solution goals were clearly outlined from the beginning and as the development progressed all of the objectives were realistic and could be met with the technology at our disposal.


The Partner - Kingdom Security Services & Kingdom Local Authority Support (LAS)

Kingdom local authority has a vast experience working with councils in a range of roles from cleaning, safety, security and more, this is how Kingdom has come to know the needs of local authorities and know how to bring solutions to a community bringing about safety security cleanliness and savings. 

Bi3 has been a partner of kingdom Security Services for many years primarily in the security market however due to our expertise in video analytics we are able to develop new products and solutions that incorporate bespoke software and hardware that achieve the wants and needs of the clients.

The Solution: Wastewatch Cam

How does the Wastewatch Cam Function?

Wastewatch Cam is a fly-tipping and litter-detection system. Bi3’s Bespoke Detection algorithm sits on a Rapid deployment tower which is placed near the problem area. The CCTV camera will then identify why littering or fly-tipping occurs and associates that incident with the number plate of the vehicle used to transport the waste via Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR). An image or video of the incident is then sent to a control room or other responsible party where a decision can be made to issue a fine to the individual in the footage. the ANPR is integrated with the DVL database for quick identification of the vehicle’s owner and therefore responsible party of the fly-tip. 

Wastewatch Cam Development

Waste watch development followed the Bi3 Project management system and required a bespoke algorithm to be created. the algorithm was developed which would identify objects being left within a zone e.g. fly-tipping or littering, and then associate that incident with a vehicle. the system was then integrated with ANPR functionality. this information was then related to a database for quick and automatic identification of offers this information along with an incident screenshot would be sent to responsible parties within the council and kingdom monitoring teams where a response action can be triggered such as a fixed penalty notice. 

Solution Outcomes

Issue Solved with 99% Reduction in Fly-tipping

New Solution and Market For Client

Marketing Opportunity For Client

Wastewatch Cam has proven itself to be an effective tool in the fight against fly-tipping, the solution has been installed in several county councils and has been able to achieve a reduction in fly-tipping where deployed by 99%. 16 fines were issued within the first 3 months of deployment which led to a massive reduction in fly-tipping.

Wastewatch Cam As seen on BBC Morning

Check out the investigation by BBC Morning One into the effect Wastewatch Cam has had on the Dartford County Council below…

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